Digital Asset Ledger Shared - DASL

Digital Asset Shared Ledger allows issuance, exchange, settlement and management of financial products. DASL creates new markets for previously illiquid assets, reducing risk and cost.

Your finance grade, enterprise ready, regulatory friendly solution is here and ready to be added to your business to handle digital assets.

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Take control of your digital assets with DASL

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Lifecycle Management

Full QA pipeline, with audit, code-reviews, full-scale environment testing of all changes from inception to deployment. Managed Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) of your CorDapp. Scripts for setting up local environments for your developers.

DASL powered by Corda

Corda provides peer-to-peer architecture in collaboration with over 200 technology and industry partners. DASL builds on top of Corda, Cordite, Corda Settler SDK and Corda Tokens SDK. Open and customisable, DASL provides a secure, extensible and maintainable solution.

Fully Managed Hosting 

A simple and fully managed service is provided for you and your clients’ Corda nodes. Experienced engineers monitor your Corda node. Your Corda nodes are hosted using Kubernetes providing High Availability. Corda Node storage is replicated with daily backups to protect data.

Download the factsheets to learn more about DASL 

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