What is DASL?

Digital Asset Shared Ledger.

A flexible, advanced technology solution to enable the future of financial services. DASL can be used for tokenization of any type of underlying asset. A complete, hosted solution for digital assets.

Supported and maintained by the LAB577 team, DASL provides a stable CorDapp to build on top of. DASL will accelerate your CorDapp build timeline, allowing your engineering team to focus on the top of the stack. DASL can either be used as a library within your CorDapp or as a standalone component of your architecture.

Accelerate speed to market

Reduce cost of build

Focus on client value

Work with experienced engineers

Who is Powered by DASL today?

DASL for CorDapp Builders

Application Lifecycle Management

We offer a simple and fully managed service for both your nodes and your clients’ nodes. Experienced engineers monitor your Corda node. Your Corda nodes are hosted using Kubernetes providing High Availability. Corda Node storage is replicated with daily backups to protect data. Data is automatically encrypted and storage is SSAE 16, ISO 27001, PCI DSS v3.0, and HIPAA compliant.

Business Network Management

We provide a fully managed service to manage your Corda private network or business network on the public Corda network. The team has gained significant experience building and operating the Cordite network since 2017, providing decentralized economics and governance services to the Corda community.

Full QA pipeline

Full-scale environment testing

Scripts for setting up local environments


Managed Continuous Integration

All major cloud vendors


Managed Continuous Deployment

Can be hosted on premise

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