Join the future of Capital Markets 

Increased access to debt, equity and alternative asset classes

Democratization of new asset class holdings through fractional ownership

A new truly global 24×7 multi-venue marketplace improves visibility in global deal flow and liquidity in alternative asset classes

Improved efficiency and security in post-trade activities including a single, shared record keeping system, automated asset servicing and regulatory reporting

Digital Asset Shared Ledger - DASL

Digitize financial instruments (debt, equity, non-bankable assets) and issue compliant native digital securities on the public Corda Network. DASL provides robust, compliant, cost-effective infrastructure for the digital Capital Markets: For issuers, investors, financial institutions, brokers and administrators. Join the growing digital Capital Markets ecosystem now.

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Global digital asset liquidity network

Investors & Asset Managers

Increase investment allocation to alternative assets with higher returns e.g. Real Estate.
Enable investment in individual assets as well as pooled investments.
Provide segregated client accounts and digital security investment portfolio management.

Exchanges, OTC Desks & Marketplaces

Create secondary markets for hard to trade asset classes to unlock liquidity.
Present a truly global 24×7 multi-venue marketplace.
Provide access to regulatory compliant digital securities for qualified institutional investors.

Investment Banks & Corporate Treasury

Digitize existing financial assets, such as bonds, equities, loans, funds and other securities.
Provide new cost-effective ways of raising equity capital for SMEs.
Significantly reduce costs involved in asset securitization (e.g. Real Estate).
Interoperate securely with other DLT networks (e.g. Ethereum, Bitcoin).

Improve efficiency and streamline post-trade activities to reduce operational cost and risk.
Real-time 24/7 atomic clearing and settlement of all digital assets within the network.
Single source of truth allows record of ownership and safekeeping of assets (fiat & crypto).

Solutions for the real-world economy

Reduce fraud risk using DASL’s ‘digital cheque book’ to settle payments instantly.
Lower operational risk arising from using intermediaries in international payments.
Raise equity/debt capital through regulatory compliant tokenized issuance.

Offer your buy side clients expanded trading opportunities in digital securities.
Reduce settlement risk through a secure Delivery-versus-Payment mechanism.
Provide access to regulatory compliant digital securities for qualified institutional investors.

Key benefits of DASL

Regulatory compliant digital securities representing financial assets such as equities,
loans, bonds, funds and other instruments, plus non financial assets.
Streamline administration to reduce operational risk and to provide clients
a fully-automated digital life cycle.

DASL’s user defined (single and multi asset) accounts are
designed to automatically capture all transactions, both in
and out of physical bank accounts.

Private, peer-to-peer “email-style” transfer of digital assets
(including tokenized cash) across the public Corda Network
using human readable addresses.

DASL allows for cash and assets to be represented on one
system providing a winning Delivery vs Payments model to reduce
settlement time and operational risk.

Benefit from an enhanced, flexible settlement workflow
that is customizable by operators and designed to be integrated
into existing fiat and crypto networks.

DASL architecture is a full ledger designed to support flexible
tagging and metadata. The platform provides both financial and
regulatory reporting, all as standard.