Digital Asset Shared Ledger, built on Corda, provides institutions the ability to re-imagine how value is moved and managed. Creating new markets for previously illiquid assets and reducing risk and cost using digital assets. DASL is an open solution that gives institutions the increased control, automation and connectivity they need to handle digital assets with confidence. DASL is finance grade, enterprise ready, regulatory friendly.

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Robust & Agile

DASL provides high speed to value and market within its digital asset solution. Fully adaptable and stable, DASL can be used as a stand alone deployment to be built on or embedded within your own distributed application.

Powered by Corda

DASL is built on Corda, ensuring safety, privacy and finality when transferring ownership of digital assets. Corda enforces identifiable nodes to mitigate the risks of AML and CFT. Corda is led by R3 in collaboration with over 200 technology and industry partners.

Open & Integrated

DASL offers peer to peer private transfer of digital assets using open standards, without crypto-currency network fees. Financial Institutions are using the DASL solution for increased control, automation and connectivity when handling digital assets.

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